RemzibiOSD For Naza

June 26, 2017 分类:FPV

I tied to used an old OSD(short by on-screen display) with my phantom2,remzibi osd, but it's a stolen solution from a genuine author I've just known, that's a shame. Consequently, it has some issue about updating the new firmware for Naza, so it still needs the decoder board.
I've soldered it over and over again, those procedures drove me crazy…

Dell d630 with Sierra hackintosh microphone tuning

June 1, 2017 分类:黑苹果

Thanks to this entire manual I could installed Sierra to my old laptop:

There was a little bit issue when I try to use the microphone. The playback was too loud and noisy. After tuning two values it got a clear sound:
Right click on /Library/Extensions/VooDooHDA.kext "Show package contents", "contents", copy Info.plist to desktop, modify "Boost" integer from "1" to "0", "Rec" integer from "70" to "30", close it and drop back, close all opened window, then open the well-known "Kext Utility" after done, reboot.