Install a MTK7601 chip based usb Wi-Fi stick on Sierra

Time:May 30, 2017 Categories:黑苹果

In my case, the USB wireless adapter is a cheap EDUP EP-MS8552S. And I was confused about why the official installation for osx could not put the kext files to the right place. So here is my method:

1.Download EP-N8551 Driver from Official (MacOS10.11 the latest, You'll get MT7612_7610U_D5.0.1.25_SDK1.0.2.18_UI5.0.0.27_20151209.dmg)
2.Download Pacifist for extract RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext from mounted dmg file USB wireless-Install.pkg.

  1. Download kext utility and install the kext from step 2.
  2. Install USB wireless-Install.pkg then reboot the OS.
  3. Enjoy.

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